01 May 2004

This post is dedicated to one of the best annual music festivals in the US, Bonnaroo. 2004 is the third year of the festival. Bonnaroo has attracted the top acts in the JamBand and psychedelic rock scenes. A few of the notable headliners have been The Dead, Neil Young, and Allman Brothers Band. I attended the festival the first 2 years and I say it's the best 3 days of the year. About 75,000 people converge on a 500 acre farm in Tennessee for 3 packed days of music. The festival is known for having spontaneous and surprise jam sessions mixing groups of musicians there. It's a great vibe, there's tons of stuff to do, and fun to camp out.

During the summer, a large percentage of concerts in the JamBand scene take place at music festivals. Of course, there is a website dedicated to tabulating all the festivals a JamBand fan might be interested in.

28 April 2004

After about a week, I think I've decided on a direction for my essay. In my first couple entries, I commented on how interconnected the Jamband scene is and how trading of live recordings is an important feature of the subculture. I'm going to start my research on how new digital media/technologies have affected the trading of concerts within the scene and how the interconnectedness of the subculture has been enriched by that effect.

Another blog, music activism is also focusing on file sharing. There are a few good links on that page which you be interested in.

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