23 April 2004

I've added a handful of links under the "links" section on the right side of my blog. I figure that I should comment briefly on why I added those links. The bands that I've included are a sample of the most popular bands in the JamBand scene and represent the wide range of sounds included in the scene.

Under the section that I've labeled "trading", I've linked to several websites that facilitate the trading of recordings of live shows between fans. Trading can occur directly through the internet (downloading mp3s or other digital formats) or through regular post. FurthurNet is a peer-2-peer file sharing network dedicated to the sharing of legal live music recordings and is probably the easiest way to get a recording of a specific show or artist.

21 April 2004

Arborescence: The state of being arborescent; having the size, form, or characteristics of a tree; treelike.

Hi! Welcome to my weblog about the emerging JamBand community/subculture. Just a note about the title of my weblog. I must credit the Ozric Tentacles, whose 1994 album Arborescence gave me the idea for my title. I envisioned the JamBand subculture symbolizing arborescence because all of the bands involved in the music subculture are connected through a passion for improvisation and live performance. The trunk of the tree represents the lot of bands. The bands, however, diverge in individual styles, genres, and sounds of their music. The divergence is represented by the branches. In the Ozric Tentacles album, they hint that their arborescence is their music branching out and engulfing the listener. Each style or genre of the JamBand subculture has the potential to reach new, unique listeners that will be introduced to the many bands of the larger,overall JamBand scene.

If you are completely lost about what a JamBand is, here are few good links: JamBands.com, JamBase.com, and HomeGrownMusic.net.

JamBands are influenced by a wide range of musical styles/genres including (but not limited to): rock, jazz, bluegrass, electronic, funk, and caribbean. All the bands, however, are tied together through the common theme of musical improvisation during high-energy live performances.

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